1st Transnational Meeting, Budapest

The first transnational meeting was held in Budapest on December 6-9 2015. This meeting was partly a follow-up of the kick-off, as partners continued to discuss the main objectives of the project. On the other hand, the leaders of work package 1 presented their first ideas about the grid of the experience evaluations. Regarding the processes of citizen participation in local development as stories built around turning points, and “played” by stakeholders such as citizens, NGOs, local governments was the core idea of the grid. This idea gave a pace to the project, as partners easily found their interests in it. And suddenly, the idea of the game became closer to all of us.

Report of the 1st transnational meeting

In order to give ideas about the types of participation processes in the local context, several invited experts, activists, and researchers gave presentations on their own experiences:

Heli-Maija Nevala – Builders of Sustainability

Dialogue for a Solidary Neighbourhood – Újpalota, Budapest

Mapping positive urban experience – a participatory initiative for improving public space

We also played a game : Szociopoly