About EUrbanities

EUrbanities – Empowering Civil Participation through Game-Based Learning – is an ERAMUS+ project for the creation of a game-based pedagogical tool and curriculum.

EURBANITIES is a European project for adult education, aiming to facilitate the participation of civil stakeholders in neighborhood-level development programs, through the establishment of a pedagogical curriculum based on a game tool dedicated to local stakeholders, activists, trainers, and urban development professionals.

The EURBANITIES game will function as an online game for individual use as well as a pedagogical tool for a training program. Its aim is to stimulate the strategy-making process of civil activists and residents that are actively participating in neighborhood-level urban development projects. EURBANITIES will help them advance their actions in a strategic way, based on know-how accumulated through the analysis of already existing experiences from around Europe.

The game will be built according to several scenarios of participation established following the evaluation of experiences of participation in neighborhood-level development. Around 20 on-going or already finalized projects from 10 countries will be presented in the form of narratives following a common grid of storytelling. The experience evaluations focus on the strategies and actions taken by the main stakeholders in each project and their re-adaptation at turning points that shape the processes. The scenarios of participation will be built following these main lines of action and turning points identified in the experiences.

The scenarios will serve as a skeleton of the online game, which will be constructed in the second year of the project. To facilitate using the game in a pedagogical context, a pedagogical curriculum will be formulated parallel to the game development work. The game and the curriculum will be tested in a series of training events and workshops during the third year of the project.

EURBANITIES is realized through the cooperation of 7 partners from 6 countries that represent three main types of expertise necessary for the successful accomplishment of the project’s objectives:

  • Experts in urban development issues (Comparative Research Network, Berlin; Institute for Regional Studies, Budapest; Institute for Urban Development, Krakow; UrbanisTimo, Helsinki; Association for Urban Transitions, Bucharest)
  • Experts in intercultural training and education (Comparative Research Network, Berlin; Mine Vaganti, Sassari; Association for Urban Transitions, Bucharest)
  • Experts in communication and gamification (UrbanisTimo, Helsinki; EuroNet, Potenza)

The diverse themes are closely interrelated and one partner generally represents several types of expertise. You can read more about the project partners here.

EURBANITIES is a three-years-long project. It is organized around 10 international meetings and 1 multiplier event, and the co-creation of the project’s main products: a booklet of the experience evaluations, a booklet of the main scenarios, a pedagogical curriculum, and an online game.