Our Neighborhoods’ Heroes – The EUrbanities Booklet on Participation

The EUrbanities project has published the first of its four main outcomes: The booklet Our Neighbourhoods’ Heroes – Stories on Citizen Participation in Local Development in European Cities.

The content of the work is a compilation of 20 local experiences in neighborhood-level public participation from 9 European countries. All cases have been constructed via interviews and background research between December 2015 and September 2016 and expressed using a storytelling methodology.

The experiences, or stories, represent a variety of urban settings: from the small cities (Rónakeresztes in Hungary for instance) to middle-sized regional centers (Brighton, Sassari, Krakow), and large-scale European capitals and urban regions (Budapest, Berlin, Bucharest or Ile de France (Colombes)).

Each experience reveals a specific social conflict and its unfolding resolution between local stakeholders, civil society and local inhabitants. Based on their initial state of affairs and the evolution of the participation processes following interaction between stakeholders, the booklet introduces a typology for neighborhood-level engagement. The cases in the booklet are presented using this classification.

The experiences in neighborhood-level citizen engagement serve to provide a deeper understanding of the different ways our cities are being built through the interaction of residents, public authorities, and private enterprises, with an emphasis on how such processes can be shaped.

For the EUrbanities project the typology of the experiences works as a platform for realizing a game-based pedagogical tool for empowering neighborhood-level civil participation. Read more about the project here.

To read our booklet: Download it here.

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