EUrbanities is now online!

The EUrbanities project is proud to finally present to you our new website! We started our work with a series of intensive and philosophical discussions around our theme “participation”. And after streamlining our goals, we’re now increasing our presence online and look forward to sharing our work with you.

Have you already heard about EUrbanities? If not, it’s an ERAMUS+ funded project for the creation of a game-based pedagogical tool and curriculum. These are meant to facilitate the participation of citizens, NGOs, and other grassroots actors in various neighborhood-level development programs. You can read more about our goals in the “About EUrbanities” section of our website. Also, see the “Project Partners” section to learn about the organizations behind the scenes.

The more dynamic sides of the website include a section where we showcase and compile our work. At the moment you’ll find information about different case studies we’ve done on participation projects around Europe and summaries of the discussions we’ve had at our meetings so far.

Since we’re also interested in the gamification of public participation, we decided to dedicate a section of the website for featuring various types of games that are used to engage people to rethink their social or physical environments. If you know a game that should definitely be on the list, please let us know! For this and any other business, you can use the “Contact” form to drop us a line.

Now that we’ve managed to create this website, we’ll be using it to add news about our upcoming meetings and events, write blogs around our work, and keep uploading the progress of our work.

Stay tuned!


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